You are Not Special

But luckily you do not need to be. I was thinking about writing this post today in light of everything. I want to do more writing. A few weeks ago I turned 30 and I thought about writing a retrospective on my twenties and even prior but really nothing has changed too much in my […]

The Reality of the Present, the Dream of Yesterday

My company XYZ AI Inc, finally has an identity and a slogan. When I created XYZ AI Inc. a few months ago I really did not know what I was doing with a brand. As they say “ship ship ship”, and that’s all the team and I have worked on. Once, StealthGPT started taking off, […]

Unlocking Success Secrets: How Founders & Researchers Conquer Top Problems with ‘Problem Taste’ and Persistence

In a world where innovation is a currency, I can’t help but notice the intriguing dance of differences and similarities between founders and researchers. It’s a fascinating ecosystem where these intellectual entrepreneurs and inquisitive explorers coexist, each carving out their own paths in their respective fields. Yet, despite their distinct environments, they share a connection […]

Founders Beware: How Mistaken Financial Terms Can Sink Your Startup Dream

The Prevalence of Mistakes Made by First-Time Startup CEOs Mistakes are a common staple in the startup world, particularly among first-time CEOs. Often stemming from ignorance, these blunders are not just common anecdotes but have been observed amongst applicants to accelerators like Y Combinator. Worryingly, these errors are not exclusive to new businesses; they’ve been […]

Rising to the Challenge: Why Hard Startups Win the Talent War and Attract Serious Silicon

The Value of Taking the Hard Road: Choosing Tough Startups Over Easy Ones There’s something undeniably alluring about the path less traveled, the challenges that come with taking on difficult startups versus the more straightforward options. In the ever-evolving landscape of new businesses, here’s why embracing the tough might actually be your best bet. Why […]

10 Power Moves to Skyrocket Your Productivity: Work Smarter, Live Happier

The Key to Enhanced Productivity: Doing Work that Resonates Focusing our energy on the right tasks can significantly amplify productivity over time, foster independent thinking along with firm beliefs, and even reserve time for contemplation on what truly matters. The Power of Engagement in What You Do Investing your effort in what you have a […]