My company XYZ AI Inc, finally has an identity and a slogan. When I created XYZ AI Inc. a few months ago I really did not know what I was doing with a brand. As they say “ship ship ship”, and that’s all the team and I have worked on. Once, StealthGPT started taking off, and knowing myself I knew I wanted to make numerous products, therefore we were going to need a one size fits all solution. In AI right now, the possibilities are endless for builders. I knew we were going to need a corporate outfit to house StealthGPT and I really didn’t want to put the legwork into a corporate identity, favoring my work on my ideas and products instead. That philosophy panned out quite nicely and landed us on the name ‘XYZ AI Inc’. I refer to it as a blob name and that’s what it was for a while.

Fast foward only a few months later, and we have a multi million dollar company, multiple products, and aspirations for so much more. We are attempting the next leg of the journey with XYZ AI, Stealth, and much more so I felt it necessary to head back to the drawing board. Do we drop the corporate identity we have been wearing for so long or do we double down on our destiny, the path we’ve taken. As you can probably tell, we’ve opted for the later.

We will continue to wear XYZ AI Inc on our sleeve proudly, we are brandless, but we have an identity, we are builders but we have no name. XYZ AI Inc represents our egoless, self-less identity. We are focused on our work, our product, our users, everything else matters much less to us.

In doubling down with our brand, I wanted a slogan, and though I know the true meaning behind it, I wanted it to be something anyone could project onto. The idea is to evoke a sense of time, the past, the present, our future. The era of AI has caused us all to ponder the philosophical questions of old. At times, with the world becoming increasingly unstable, and the threat of an artificial technology that looms over, it can feel that world is crumbling beneath our feet. It is important in these uncertain times to reflect on our past, to seize our present, and to plot our futures. We are the captain of our own ship and we sail towards an unknown destination. I hope you make it and join us on our journey.

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