We are living in a gold rush era right now. The greatest financial opportunity ever is presenting itself right before your very eyes. But no, it is not crypto.

Back in 2017, I learned about crypto, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. I bought my first ether for $20, and my first piece of bitcoin was around ~$1,000. I fell in love instantly with the idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The cause was noble: a decentralized financial payment system that could send value from peer to peer anywhere in the world, in seconds, without any possibility of censorship. The idea of banking the unbanked, you no longer need a functioning financial system, go to any crypto wallet website, and be able to receive and send crypto in seconds. Many forget why Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in the first place, it was a reaction to the 2008 financial crisis and big bank bailouts. Crypto was supposed to be the cure for financial corruption. However, somewhere along the way, it became a cesspool of the worst of the worst financial crimes, scams, and toxicity. Sucking away not just people’s money but also their time.

Now seven years later I have jumped on another golden age: Artificial Intelligence. I am a person with no academic experience in computer science. I am a person who did not start to learn code until 2020. I am a person who launched my first digital product in 2023. I now own a multimillion-dollar company, that shows no signs of slowing. My company makes nearly $200,000 a month, we’ve taken in over a million dollars in revenue, and we now have a full-time staff of eight people. Am I a genius? Perhaps, that is not for me to decide, but one thing I do know, is I am an opportunist. When ChatGPT blew the doors open onto the scene in November 2022, the reverberations were felt all around the globe to anyone paying attention. Immediately, I knew that this technology would come to dominate the tech landscape. Upon a few days of exposure to ChatGPT, I knew I NEEDED to build something in the AI space. A year later, I’m quite happy I followed my instinct.

However, I am not writing this to gloat about my success. I am writing this because I see far too many young people getting sucked into the “get rich quick” scheme that is crypto. Friends shilling friends, influencers, and celebrities dumping shitcoins on their followers. It’s disgusting. This insane greed knows no bounds, from grifting influencers like Andrew Tate to singer Iggy Azalea to lolcows like boogie2988, shitcoins are popping up out of thin air. When I started in crypto, you had to be extremely technical to launch a coin. For example, you had to know solidity, the programming language of Ethereum, if you hoped to launch something. Now any Joe Schmo with a buck can head over to pump(dot)fun and numerous other launcher sites to deploy coins into the crypto ecosystem. And would you believe it, as soon as the barrier to entry dropped to nearly nothing, scammers have come out in force to exploit the ease of use.

Their objective, targeting you. You see, they know your type. Young, ambitious, but financially anxious about the future. You are desperate to ‘escape the system’, but that is your greatest weakness. You were in high school, or maybe a doubter of crypto back during all those bull markets. You saw nobodies like me make a whole lot of money quickly. Now given the chance, you do not want to miss it. Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you already did, but I have news for you. The greatest gold rush that humanity has ever seen before is well underway. While it’s not extremely early anymore the landscape is ripe and primed to print new millionaires and billionaires like the early days of crypto.

Here’s the best part though, you do not need to spend a dime to build, and you do not need to know how to code to build. You have the most powerful, free tutor in the world available to you in one click. You have the world’s knowledge and courses on everything you need to know from marketing to operations in one click. You can start building websites with no code, in one click. Between services like ChatGPT, Claude, Bubble (No Code), Vercel (Hosting), Supabase (database), nothing is stopping you from building the next big business. I’ve met people who still do not know how to code, just jumped into AI, and are making over $30,000 a month with a two-man team from a website built completely with Bubble.

AI allows you to learn but also execute on a level never seen before. It is the ultimate human augmentation tool. As in, if you are the type to bust your ass then AI will give you the one-man army perk from Call of Duty but real life. You will practically become a machine yourself. The best part: No more staring at charts pretending you know something (you don’t, and we both know it), no more rug pulls, no more degen chats where you sit around wasting away. Build something, something of real value. Even if you fail you will have learned lessons that will help you succeed in the future. The only thing waiting for you at the end of your crypto journey is a wallet with a zero balance and memories full of anguish and pain.

Choose rich.


Andrew Tate $DADDY coin is down 63.34% at time of posting.

Iggy Azalea $MOTHER coin is down 70.8%

Jason Derulo’s $JASON coin is down 48.74%

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